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Cloud Phone System




Call from Any Device, Anywhere

Stay connected on any device: phone, desktop and iOS and Android apps.

Existing Number Porting

Keep your number with easy porting to Bluecall’s cloud phone service. Try it now!

Local, Toll-Free & Vanity Numbers

Pick a number that works for your business and connects with your customers.

Smart Call Routing

Don’t miss calls. Route to multiple phones in sequence. Stay connected on the go.

Unlimited Extensions

Keep business moving: Connect customers to the right person or department.

Call Forwarding

Route calls from your phone to the right person – no hang-ups!

Auto Attendant Recorded Greetings

Connect callers to the right place using personalized greetings.

Customizable Dial Plans

Create call flows with various patterns for after hours, weekends, and holidays.

Ring Groups

Set up multiple devices to ring at once, ensuring quick call answer by agents.

Call Queues

Improve customer service, reduce wait times by distributing incoming calls to agents.

Multi-Site Compatible

Set up dynamic 911 for various places. Customize users and devices by site easily.

Hot Desking

Share office phones easily by logging in to any device with your Bluecall account.

International Calling

Call between 50+ countries – included free with select plans!

Seamless Call Management

Improve CX by transferring calls, putting on hold, with shared extension lines.


Reach one or several users fast within your business.


Use intercom to message users with two-way speakerphone. Phones answer on speaker if not on “DND”.

Real-Time Analytics

Use predictive analytics to inform customer satisfaction and service decisioning.

Toll-Free Numbers

Add a toll-free number to your plan for your customers’ convenience.

Audio Conferencing

Use VoIP technology or dial into meetings with numbers for over 30 countries.

Internet Fax

Send and receive faxes right from your email inbox – save time and hassle!

Voicemail to Email

Listen to voicemails on the go or at your desk with sounds files in your email inbox.


Send & receive SMS & MMS. Your plan comes with a certain number of credits per seat, per month. An overage rate will be applied once that allowance is reached.

Call Recording

Record all calls or specific numbers. Access cloud-stored recordings anywhere.


How do I pay?

All major credit cards and electronic checks are accepted by us. You’ll incur charges on a monthly cycle. If you prefer an invoice instead, just reach out to the Bluecall Sales Team.

Will there be a contract?

With Bluecall, you’re in control of your pricing plans. Choose what fits your business best: a flexible month-to-month contract that you can cancel anytime, or an annual plan that saves you more money. We think you’ll be so satisfied with Bluecall that you’ll want the cost-saving benefits of the yearly option. Either way, the decision is yours and is tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

What's the price of a toll-free number?

In need of toll-free numbers for services such as Sales and Support? Feel free to add as many as you like. On an annual plan, these numbers begin at just $10 per month, while a monthly plan offers them at $15 per month, all without any initial set-up fees.

Is it possible to connect a desk phone to Bluecall?

If you are looking to integrate traditional desk phones with Bluecall’s services, you’ll be pleased to know that a wide variety of SIP-based phones are supported. This flexibility allows customers to choose the best communication method to suit their needs. For detailed information about hardware, functionality, and pricing, contacting the Bluecall Sales Team directly would be the most effective approach. They will be able to provide tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements. Feel free to reach out to them and explore the opportunities available with Bluecall’s comprehensive communication offerings.

Can we use Bluecall internationally?

With Bluecall, you have the ability to make calls globally at some of the most competitive rates in the market. If your company operates with international teams and requires phone service, please reach out to our Sales Team for assistance.

Do you support faxing?

You can also integrate your traditional fax machine with our internet faxing portal. On an annual plan, integration begins at just $18 per month, while a monthly plan offers this at $20 per month.

How long does this take to deploy?

Deployments of offices, individual users, or even devices can all be done on the same day.

Need assistance? Ask our Sales Team about our White Glove Deployment option.

Can I use my cell phone?

Absolutely! Bluecall works with any device. Whether you’re on a laptop, cell phone, or desk phone, you’ll stay connected. Plus, Bluecall has apps for iOS and Android. Just add your number, and you can easily take calls wherever you are.

What type of hardware should I consider buying?

Generally, purchasing additional hardware isn’t necessary when using Bluecall. A lot of our customers have found that they can even reduce their hardware usage, lowering their OpEx by a minimum of one-third. For any VoIP service, aspects like ports, firewalls, and the configuration of the network are key to ensuring good voice quality and connection. If you’d like to understand our network recommendations more clearly, feel free to contact our Sales Team with your questions.

Can I keep my number?

Absolutely! With Bluecall, you can carry over your existing business numbers (a process known as “porting”) for use on our service. Don’t worry, we’ll also provide every user a temporary number right away. This temporary number will be selected based on your admin’s preferred area code, ensuring you can send and receive calls, texts, and more from the very first day.

Does Bluecall have any network requirements?

For any VoIP service, aspects like ports, firewalls, and the configuration of the network are key to ensuring good voice quality and connection. If you’d like to understand our network recommendations more clearly, feel free to contact our Sales Team with your questions.

Is it necessary for me to place calls using Wi-Fi, or can I just use my cell service?

Bluecall provides you with the choice to connect the way you want, either through HD calling using Wi-Fi or cellular data or via your regular carrier’s interface. What’s even better is our feature that lets you effortlessly switch between these options. This comes in handy, especially when leaving the office, ensuring that you always have an alternative connection available.

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